FUEL THE FIRE is a video series filmed for Reebok that showcases the worlds leading fitness professionals and their commitment to helping others awaken their passion for life. These films are designed to inspire other fitness trainers to join a new interactive global fitness training platform. Each film is custom tailored to visually reflect the personality of the trainer. 

SERIES DIRECTORS: Steve Kolander, Christian Williams

DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Jeff Powers, Hillary Spera, Dave Waldron, Rebecca Hall
EDITORS: Brian Cassin, Ryan Little
PRODUCERS: Phil Toledano, Janet Evans, Susan Poor, Glenn Chalek, Joan Cassin
AGENCY: Small Army

David Jack | usa | Strength & Conditioning Coach

Morgan Moureau | France  | Fitness Presenter

Pavel Poluektov | Russia | Strength & Conditioning

Tara Stiles | USA | Yoga

Reebok ONE mashup